Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Full Diagram Of A M16 Gun Labeled

Written on the wheel / circle - Tutorial

Written on the wheel / circle
first the palette on the left choose the ellipse tool to this end click on the arrow next to the cloud and develop a menu of choices from which we choose the ellipse. Then in the top menu, where you select the highlighted in red circle.

Draw a circle, any size

[Obrazek: 1.jpg]

second Select the text tool to write and set at the edge of the wheel, so that there is A with emphasis in the shape of the curve and click the mouse at this point and write text entry box Our text that automatically appears around the circle.

the right side of the window materials, we can choose a color for your text, whether it be with a border in the same color or another.
Select the font and size depending on any written text.

[Obrazek: 3.jpg]

[Obrazek: 4.jpg]

third After carefully formatted our text, that is, choosing fonts, colors, etc, go to the Layers palette on the right side view

expanding layers of the ellipse and the text by clicking on the plusik view.

Turn off the visibility of layers with a circle / ellipse by clicking on the eye.

[Obrazek: 5.jpg]

shall be shown the same string.
Save it as File> Save as> Nazwa.PNG

I finished

To reverse the inscription was shown to be under 1 reflection mirror layer from the wheel to the top

[Obrazek: 6.jpg]

other points unchanged, with the difference that the text appears to us in the middle of the circle.

[Obrazek: 7.jpg]

text in this way can make the other shapes to draw a PSP or a pen shape.


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